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Core Values and Beliefs

Real Wealth With Real (Honest) Money

All fiat currency regimes through history have been inflated to destruction, which concurrently enables and accelerates boundless greed, corruption, and even moral decay. The legality to print money and participate in our current fiat currency system does not create or legitimize one's perceived morality for doing so. No fiat currency can be created without also creating debt, and now with debt at dangerous record levels, fiat currency has lost its integrity, and we have lost the ability to distinguish real growth from the mirage of so-called growth resulting from reckless currency inflation.  The US dollar and other un-backed currencies are now well into their twilight year of survival.  Physical silver in any form; Silver Shield, government silver bullion, and constitutional silver, offers historical wealth protection in the face of the looming currency crisis.

History Predicts the Future

The power seeking and social status seeking motivations of much of  humanity has not changed through time. As this applies to debt (concerning money and the economy) and death (concerning empire building and wars), the understanding of history informs us of how these motivations affect geopolitical happenings today. Silver Shield art stamped into real money (silver) addresses and memorializes past history, and current history as it happens, for the education of future generations.


In all that I do.

Continuous Improvement

As a person, and in business, I always strive to be better. As this relates to my Silver Shield Guide initiative and project, I will always try to enhance the value and usefulness of the guide, and this website, as time and finances permit.


The Silver Shield Guide project is financially supported by site subscribers and purchasers of the guide. Neither the guide or this site contain advertising, and there will never be any request for donations. To those that support this initiative, I pledge to be responsive to all comments and inquiries, and offer the best service possible.

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