About the Silver Shield Guide

The Silver Shield Guide is the first of its kind intended for those now discovering limited mintage silver art rounds issued by private mints.

There is growing interest in this sector. Aside from limited mintage, they usually feature unique and specially commissioned sculpts by celebrated artists. They are regarded as art pieces in their own right, and are sometimes part of a series, usually having a special meaning or telling a story.

The attributes of precious metals, unique art, a meaning that resonates, and limited mintage, results in price appreciation, usually significantly more than the value of the silver content, attracting attention of collectors and investors alike.

Presented here are the art rounds created and released by Chris Duane’s Silver Shield Group. Silver Shield is about the largest pioneering force in the independent silver art space, releasing over 925 variations of over 340 unique art designs since being founded in 2011.

As compared to government mint silver art round releases with mintage usually in the several thousands, and most other privately minted art rounds, most of Silver Shield’s releases number under a thousand, and sometimes under a hundred, in the case of its five ounce releases.

A most intriguing aspect of Silver Shield art rounds are the direct and thought provoking messages underlying them. Mr. Duane challenges all to move beyond their comfort zones of conventional thinking, using sometimes controversial designs to grab your attention.

This guide contains the meaning behind all the designs, and whether or not you resonate with the meanings or designs, it is difficult to ignore their collector and  investment potential.

Silver Shield continues to issue new designs and releases. I hope you will find the compilation and organization of all the information on the complete Silver Shield collection in this guide to be a valuable resource.

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