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Data is the world's most valuable currency..... if you can spot what really matters! After over eight years, Silver Shield has accumulated diverse data to analyse the market and individual designs and releases, and their categories. This section will develop over time.  Metrics such as releases and mintage will be sliced and diced by year, and by size and type of round. Noteworthy price trends of various rounds will be charted. An index that charts Silver Shield value over time is also in development. Additions to this section will be announced in the news section.

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Public Tables and Charts

The tables and charts below will be updated periodically, together with analytical narrative.

Silver Shield vs American Eagles

The table above helps explain the difference between investing in Silver Shield silver art rounds as compared with government mint silver bullion. Since Silver Shield's beginning in 2012,  over 228 million American Eagle 1 oz bullion coins have been minted. In that time, silver's price has corrected lower (within its long term bull market), resulting in about a 4% negative ROI holding this product today, on an average cost investing basis.

However, in this same period, Silver Shield has minted 2.3 million ounces, or only about 1% of the American Eagle mintage, across 290 designs as compared with American Eagle's single design. This averages to be 7,848 ounces per design, and for each design, there are 5, 2, and 1 ounce proof and bullion releases, making each release's average mintage much lower.

This market has responded by allowing an average positive ROI of 76% so far, which reflects the numismatic value of these silver art rounds resulting from the art design with underlying story, and rarity. Note the average issue price seen in the table above includes all Silver Shield ounces, that is, including all ounce sizes (1,2, and 5) and higher cost proof ounces.

Importantly, Silver Shield continuously offers new releases of 1 oz bullion mintage for a limited period of one week per release, at the Golden State Mint. Expect to pay about the same price as an American Eagle, to receive low mintage art stamped in silver bullion with the same numismatic appreciation potential!

Government bullion value is limited to the price of silver, whereas Silver Shield mintage has silver price appreciation potential, plus numismatic appreciation potential. Due to low mintage and uniqueness, market liquidity for Silver Shield art rounds is lower than for government bullion, however ROI potential is higher.

Silver Shield investors regard their collection as integral to their well diversified physical silver holdings, typically also including bullion silver and constitutional "junk" silver. They do not plan to sell quickly, or all their collection all at once, and have a long term outlook. 

Physical Silver As An Investment (Dollar Cost Averaging)

Beyond the issue of investing in physical silver bullion and numismatic silver, there is also the perspective of investment in physical silver vs the stock market.

This chart compares the average return on investment (ROI) of the same fixed amount invested every month in the DOW vs in physical silver.

Since the beginning of the current precious metals bull market in the early 2000's, physical silver has been the better investment for most of the time.

However since 2016, the DOW has taken the lead position on the exuberance of record debt and currency creation facilitated by even lower interest rates, and a concurrent change in sentiment away from precious metals markets in favor of the yet again exuberant paper markets. This is expected to soon reverse.

That is, It is expected precious metals, and particularly silver, will eventually do an accounting all debt, to be reflected in higher prices, while the stock market suffers correction or even a crash concurrent with a currency crisis or collapse.

Average Yearly Silver Price

Concerning only the physical silver price, you can see the average yearly price appears to have bottomed in the $15 to $17 range since 2015. 

Thus it has been a great opportunity to increase all manner of physical silver investments during this time, for maximum return on investment when the price inevitably rises once again in the long term bull market of precious metals.

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