Frequently Asked Questions

Who creates and mints Silver Shield art rounds?

Silver Shield art rounds are created by Chris Duane and his Silver Shield Group, and minted by the Golden State Mint. 

Is the Silver Shield Guide affiliated with the Silver Shield Group?

The Silver Shield Guide is an independent project and publication, financially supported by subscribers and guide purchasers.  

Why should I invest in Silver Shield silver art rounds?

Silver Shield art rounds capture numismatic value appreciation potential as well as silver value appreciation potential . Silver Shield investors regard this as integral to their well diversified physical silver holdings, typically also including bullion silver, and constitutional "junk" silver. They typically do not plan to sell quickly, or all their collection all at ounce, and have a long term outlook. 

Why can't I find my Silver Shield round in your guide?

The guide contains all known authorized releases of Silver Shield rounds. As with any popular minted product, there are also unauthorized and counterfeit versions of Silver Shield rounds in the market. The guide is useful for verifying authenticity prior to acquisition. If your believe your round is genuine, but can't find it in the guide, please contact me.

Is there a difference between the online guide and published (digital and printed) guides

Information for all designs and releases are exactly the same in the published and online guides at the annual published guide release date (around January 31). Then the online guide is further updated almost daily for new designs, releases, and significant valuation changes through the current year. The online guide is available to subscribers.

Is the guide available for purchase from other venues, such as Amazon?

The guide is only available for exclusive purchase on this website. However, some re-sellers may choose to re-sell the guide on their venues.

Is my personal data secure?

Yes, your privacy is respected, and data collected is very limited. It will not be given to anyone, for any reason. Your personal data resides on a secure cloud-based database managed by Wild Apricot (owned by Personify), the market leading membership management software provider. World-class best practice security measures are always followed. Whether payment is via Paypal or credit card, all payments are processed through the Paypal merchant gateway, and Your payment data can never be accessed by the principals or software providers of this website.

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