Regarding Site Updates and A Possible 2019 Guide ........ 

Currently there is no plan to produce a 2019 Silver Shield Guide or update this website for current 2018 designs, and designs released in 2019 and beyond, as they occur.

If you are interested in seeing a 2019 guide produced, and this website updated, I invite you to register your interest below. I will use this as a barometer to decide whether to proceed, and send a status update to all on the list by end of year.

Note that future versions of the guide, if there are any, will be downloadable PDF versions only. The downloaded file can easily be printed, hole punched, and placed in a binder, for those wishing a hard copy.

Yes, I am interested in seeing this website continuously updated for new designs, and I'm interested in purchasing a downloaded 2019 PDF guide for $12.95 USD.

Register Your Interest !

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